Job opportunities

A multicultural and international ambience where you have the chance to improve yourself whether personally than professionally.

Altabadialat and Fanes Group are constantly looking for highly-qualified employees to join our team in our different businesses. From the very beginning - as the group was still a small family-run business - our success was already based on the passion for quality products and services.

Despite the great success as well as a the diversified activities at national level, Fanes Group still remains a traditional family business. A unique opportunity to learn a bit more about South Tyrolean customs and traditions, get in contact and receive local and international guests and turn their holiday into an unforgettable stay.

We do operate on a national and international level by managing several businesses, but always keeping a strong link to our territory and local happenings.

Fanes Group is looking for new employees featuring passion and adaptability and who are willing to engage themselves in a multicultural and multilingual ambience.

We need your talent and skills in every of our different sectors: hotels and accommodation, restaurants, foodstuff production as well as for every other tourism service. Just graduated or with a long standing experience, from specialized managers to friendly cleaning staff.

Our facilities do appreciate long-term employment even in an ambience characterized by seasonality. So, if you are looking for a new challenge and an interesting job opportunity in a dynamic business, well, then please send us your application!